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Cydia- How to install and download

Cydia download  - If we talk about the word cydia  in reality it is a software application that is commonly used in Apples operating system, which is called the management system. In terms it is the application software that was created for use in the operating system of the iPhones.

There are so many benefits of this software, but most has nothing to do with fast browsing and downloading facilities. With the help of this software,  download can be achieved using an iPad, iPhones, or iPod etc.

What is cydia? It is actually really just the software application that will  enable the deployment for using third party software.

First you will have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad  Then follow the download and installation guide below:

To install the cydia download software , you will need to have to jailbreak your iPhone ,iPod or iPad using jailbreak tools I do not recommend using the free services, as these will usually contain viruses, make your iPhone bricked useless, and out of warranty! or simply don't work.

For a professional service that uses the correct and only cydia applications, and the right jailbreak tools with an instant download to unlock/jailbreak your phone just  

1. Open up Cydia  app on iPhone.


How to install cydia

cydia download

At the first time running Cydia , cydia will be Initializing File system for the very first time. When total,
cydia  will exit then re-start cydia app.

download, install

2. Now you will be asked  "Who Are You" which will figure out how cydia  app interact with you based on selected category. Choosing the correct category will aid cydia  to apply correct filters. You will see 3  different options: User, Hacker and Developer. Tap "User" (suggested for typical users) and tap cydia accomplished.

cydia download

3.will check for packages updates and ask you to update its database for the first time. You may see the progress in the leading says: "Downloading packages" which will download new packages database index.

download packages

4. Just let Cydia database index.

cydia download- install, iphone, ipad,

5. You are going to be prompted to upgrade the cydia package. You will discover "Upgrade Essentially", "Complete the  Upgrade", and "Ignore (Temporary)". Select the  Complete Upgrade tab, and then just tap Confirm to commence upgrading.

cydia download- install, iphone, ipad, ipod,  download cydia

6. Hold up till the procedure complete, then hit tap to Close Cydia.


 7. Presently, Cydia application must be working fine. You might begin off adding most loved repo to Cydia and initiate introducing bundle to change, change and alter your iPhone or introducing third gathering applications outside authority applications from iTunes store.

Click here to jailbreak your iPhone ,iPod or iPad

Jailbreak an ipad

An iPad is a tablet PC, produced by Apple, which combines the functionality of other Apple products, such as the Macbook, iPhone, and iPod Touch. iPads are extremely lightweight and portable, are based on touch-screen technology, and include support for WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G. In addition to the many programs and features that the iPad itself has, the iPad also allows users to access the Apple App Store, which includes a wide variety of additional applications. However, if the user wishes to take advantage of applications provided by other sources, he or she may need to jailbreak his or her iPad.

What is Jailbreaking-
Jailbreaking is a term that is used to describe the act of removing built-іn software limitations that a device may have due to the operating system or other administrative file. For example, cell phones produced by ATT cannot be used with any other cellular carrier; however, jailbreaking an ATT phone wіll allow the user to use any carrier he or she wishes.

Cydia  jailbreaking can be performed on virtually any device, but is especially useful on smart phones and iPads, because it allows users to take advantage of applications that would not normally be able to run on the device. While the Android Market place allows Android users to use applications from a wide variety of sources and even create their own applications, the Apple App Store is tightly controlled and only allows users to install pre-approved applications. 

By jailbreaking an iPad, users can install any application they want to. However, users should note that jailbreaking an iPad may void it's warranty.

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cydia download- options

There are two ways to jailbreak your iDevice, I will explain them both, basically its the free way, or paid way.
Free way to jailbreak cydia download
You do this jailbreaking completely alone, this is free, but not recommend, why? well see below:-
Free way

1) You are completely left on your own, with no instructions.
2) The links for these free jailbreaks are usually full of viruses or male ware.
3) If your jailbreak goes wrong your iDevice can be bricked and made useless.
4) You have no idea what to do, after the jailbreak.
5) No support.
6) As apple release new ios firmware your jailbreak becomes usless again.

Best way Paid version. cydia download
1) The correct jailbreak software is sent to you.
2) Pay only once for a lifetime access, to software and firmware jailbreak updates.
3) 24 hour email support
4) Videos, pdf files and instructions on how to install and use.
5) Links and advise on what to do after jailbreak, and what to install next.
6) Have Lifetime access to Apples latest ios relased firmware updates, and jailbreak software for them.
The list goes on.
To purchase Paid version click here